Grace Kids & Youth Summer Art Study

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One of the best ways to internalize scripture and God’s perspective is to not only apply it in your life but to creatively express it and encourage others.*


Grace Youth:

6th-12th grade youth are invited to participate in person @ Grace-Every Sunday at 6pm.

(Zoom call still available during the lessons for those who cannot meet in person yet, email HERE for the link)

Grace Airways:

Preschool-5th grade are encouraged to participate together with their family at home.

Everything you need can be found right here:  Digital lessons, supply lists, etc...  Feel free to share with friends and neighbors!  As an alternative to VBS this year, you could use these lessons to host your own Back Yard Bible Club as gathering restrictions allow.

Adjust to fit the age and development of your child. The beauty of doing these lessons at home is that it allows your child time to work on their creations!

How much does it cost?

There is no charge for the lessons or the materials. 

How much time will the lessons take?

Once a week, 30 minutes-a couple hours (depending on the time your child needs to complete their art)  We would have done these lessons during our Grace Airways and Youth gatherings.  The silver lining is that at home your child can spend as little or as long as they would like on the art.

You could do these Sundays as part of your worship, or choose to set aside a weekly Family Devotion time.  

What age are the lessons for?

These lessons are for all ages, preschool through high school. The Art Projects can be done simply by young children, and more in depth by older children.  The Bible Stories have been written in such a way for you to adjust down for your youngest child or up for your oldest. Simplify to 5-10 sentences for preschool ages, and expand up from there!  Middle and High school students will appreciate the Go Deeper section and Jonathan Norton will be leading youth through the lessons and art projects during youth group.  

What's Included in each Lesson?

The Bible Story

Each section lists Bible passages and focus verses.  For the youngest child, read the focus verses in their children’s Bible, or state in your own words (5-7 sentences)  Expand up from there. For middle and high school, read the passage together and use the Go Deeper sections.

Art illustration:

This is the best part!  After reading the story/passage give your kids the medium listed and let them create an illustration of what you’ve studied.  Children are naturally creative and come up with amazing things.  Give simple directions and let their imaginations flow!

Questions to Ponder:

Ask these while your child is creating their art, after reading the Bible Passage together, or while going about life (at dinner, driving in the car, etc…)


These are interactive ideas to incorporate into your week that can further enhance you and your child's learning. 

One activity that would enhance the whole series would be to watch Planet Earth or a similar type show.  Talk about the various aspects we see in creation, the beauty, the broken, the healing and restoration water brings during rainy seasons, the vastness of creativity, power, and majesty of our Creator God.

Go Deeper:

This is what Jonathan will expound on during Youth Group.


Where appropriate, tips and techniques will be listed to help with the art medium.

What do we do with our completed art projects?

    Our plan is to hold an art show at the end of the summer to display everyone's art, hopefully in person Lord willing!

What's included in the Art Kits?

  • PAINT:  Lesson instructions, 12 color watercolor paint set, Canson Watercolor Paper 3 sheets per child
  • SCULPTURE: Lesson instructions, Air Dry Clay, glitter glue pen
  • LINE ART: Lesson instructions,-choose medium: crayons, markers, colored pencils, or sidewalk chalk
  • COLLAGE: Lesson instructions, Lego set. (approx 20 pieces)

Reserve Kits for the art medium you do not have at home.  

Kits are available for each medium. You do not have to reserve a kit if you have art materials already or are attending GYG. Fill out the form to reserve your kit.  Tell us how many children and which Kit(s) you need (Paint, Sculpture, Drawing, Collage)

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