Thriving In Babylon
September 6, 2020

Thriving In Babylon

Passage: Jeremiah 29
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To thrive in “Babylon”…

We can’t believe the myths of living there!
We recognize God has a purpose for us there!
We embrace good theology as life-saving truth there!


Did the Holy Spirit speak to you about anything today?
Often, this passage is taken out of context.  What are some ways of understanding this passage that can lead to applying it incorrectly?
Babylon is always described in scripture as an inhospitable place. What are the challenges of living there as a believer?
What are the specific commands that God gives to the people of Israel with regard to living in Babylon? Can they be applied to believers as we live out our lives as “exiles” in this culture?
As homework, read 1 Peter in preparation for our next sermon series. Peter calls believers strangers and exiles, and he refers to Babylon (Rome in this case).  In a cursory reading, what are some things that you observe that will help us thrive in “Babylon”?









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