The Rat Race!
July 21, 2019

The Rat Race!

Passage: Ecclesiastes 9:7-18
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Bible Text: Ecclesiastes 9:7-18 | Preacher: Gary Glover | Series: Modern Problems Ancient Solutions | Ecclesiastes 9:7-18

What did the Holy Spirit speak to you about today?

Application test for an “above the sun” perspective:
1. I regularly spend quality time alone with God.
2. I have growth intentions or goals for my family, personal life, church involvement, and community involvement, as well as my work, which are spiritual in nature.
3. I am willing to put aside pursuing a more “luxurious” lifestyle for better relationships with my family, friends, etc.
4. I regularly check my plans and my resources to see if they are submitted to God’s will.
5. I intentionally try to build a “Sabbath rhythm” into my life to give my soul some rest.

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