Pray for One Another
August 23, 2020

Pray for One Another

Passage: James 5:13-18
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Bible Text: James 5:13-18 | Point 1: Prayer is Relational 
Point 2: Prayer is Powerful
Point 3: Prayer is Interpersonal


What challenged you or encouraged you from the message this week?
Read James 5:13-18. What do you notice about prayer from these verses? What ideas and actions stick out to you?
Read verse 13. What do prayer and praise have in common?  Which one of these is easier for you to do?  Why?
Read verse 15-16a. What do these verses tell us about prayer and healing?
Read verse 16b-18. Do these verses mean that we receive whatever we prayer for?  Why don’t we get everything we ask God for?
What do you think of when you hear the word confession?  What does healthy confession look like from a biblical perspective?
What is the most effective way for you to pray?  If you could change one thing about your prayer life what would it be?
What is one thing that you can do to increase or enhance your prayer life?
What’s one thing God is calling you to do as a result of what you have heard today? By God’s grace, how can you apply this to your life this week?

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