Nineveh Awakens!
November 10, 2019

Nineveh Awakens!

Passage: Jonah 3:1-10
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  1. Did the Holy Spirit speak to you about anything today?
  2. How do God’s instructions to Jonah differ from the message Jesus gave to the disciples (Matthew 28:19)? In what ways are they the same? How do you think God’s emphasis on going differs from the priorities of the “church” today...your individual priorities? Can you recall one missed opportunity to share the Lord with someone you now wish you could get back?
  3. Mission may or may not entail leaving certain physical or social locations, but usually mission means risk and vulnerability. Describe some possible ways God might be calling you to this? What are your apprehensions?
  4. God’s strategy usually involves the places where people are and where people have needs (that may seem rather obvious), and then going to them. Where might that be in Loveland? What are the reasons we think of to not go to those places? What are ways we can engage those places? What can we learn from Jeremiah 29:4-7?
  5. Describe the process of repentance that you see in these verses. If repentance is necessary for the power of mission, how can we partner with God in it?


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