Live in Harmony with One Another
August 9, 2020

Live in Harmony with One Another

Passage: Romans 12:16
Service Type:

Reacting to differences; living in harmony!

The accord of harmony

The cause of discord:

  •         Prides attitude toward certain kinds of tasks and people!
  •         Prides attitude toward the self!
    The concert of humility
  •         Application:  Test the source of your wisdom!
  •         Application:  Assess the truth about your humility!


  1. Did the Holy Spirit speak to you about anything today?
  2. How does the scripture define harmony?  What are some of the characteristics?  When you look at the differences you have with others in the church, would you assess them as harmonious or discordant?
  3. Do you recognize any of the root causes of discord in your life?
  4. Look at James 3:13-18.  What pattern do you recognize when you act “wisely in your own eyes.”  Have you seen that in your relationships?  What about wisdom from heaven?

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