Issues Resolved?
November 24, 2019

Issues Resolved?

Passage: Jonah 4:1-11
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  1. Did the Holy Spirit speak to you about anything today?
  2. Read Jonah’s description of God’s love in Jonah 4:2.  Then read God’s description of his love in Exodus 34:6-7a.  What is similar? What is different? How does the gospel bring the complexities of the goodness of God’s love from these two passages together?
  3. Read Deuteronomy 4:24 (also quoted in Hebrews 12:29).  What does the metaphor of fire suggest (hint: warming/refining)?  How does God’s jealousy for you enter in? Why is refining an important aspect of love?
  4. What is compassion and how do you see it actually displayed?  What does this say about the heart of God? How does Jesus demonstrate this in numerous stories in the gospel?  How have you experienced God’s compassion? What are ways that God might be speaking to you about compassion?
  5. After reading and studying the entire book of Jonah, how are you like him?  Why might there be a lack of resolution at the end (a question to Jonah that is left unanswered)?

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