Hold Fast
August 30, 2020

Hold Fast

Passage: Revelation 3:7-13
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Jesus writes these words:

In every cultural moment, God is sovereign!
In this cultural moment, persevere!

The storm reveals our foundation.
Christianity flourishes in the cultural soil of difficulty.

In this cultural moment, you have the resources!

Hold fast!
Stand confidently!
Hear and practice!


Did the Holy Spirit speak to you about anything today?
What particular challenges are you dealing with today? How do they
compare to the Church of Philadelphia?
 Think about the idea of perseverance. Why does God want to produce
that in us? What does he use to do that? What is he using specifically in your life to produce that? How are you doing with that?
Why is God’s sovereignty such an important part of persevering through difficult times? Does the sovereignty of God mean that we become fatalists, that we just resign and sit glumly in trials? How do we participate with God, even as we trust his sovereignty?
What are you holding fast to during this cultural moment we are in?
Why is it important to understand that “whoever has ears, let them hear” means to listen and act?

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