Grace & Grit: 2nd Timothy 4:9-22
June 14, 2020

Grace & Grit: 2nd Timothy 4:9-22

Passage: 2nd Timothy 4:9-22
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This is the sad, beautiful, broken-hearted, hopeful reality of our journey:
  • Life is hard…we need the presence and help that life-giving people can bring!
  • People will let us down…we can’t make simplistic assumptions and be unforgiving!
  • God is the always reliable and flawless friend…Jesus was forsaken so that we would never be!
  1. Did the Holy Spirit speak to you about anything today?
  2. What can we learn from this passage about facing winter seasons, various trials in life including death?
  3. Identify the kinds of people that Paul mentions in this passage.
  4. Why do we find it so hard to ask for help in times of hardship?
  5. Who are you serving and who is serving you in your winter seasons?
  6. In what ways has God stood by you, given you strength, and rescued you?

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