Grace & Grit: 2nd Timothy 4:1-8
June 7, 2020

Grace & Grit: 2nd Timothy 4:1-8

Passage: 2nd Timothy 4:1-8
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Hear these words of serious encouragement:

  • Be a herald of the word!
  • Keep your head in all situations!
  • Assess the legacy you are leaving!


  1.  Did the Holy Spirit speak to you about anything today?
  2. What evidence do we have that this charge, though encouraging in the spurring on sense, is very serious to Paul?
  3. What similarities do you see in 4:2 and 3:16 from last week?  What are the positive verbs and the negative verbs in verse 2?  What safeguards does Paul put in place so our words are not harsh?
  4. Describe what might be the type of preaching that is fleshed out in verses 4 and 5.
  5. What are the hardest areas of your life for you to “keep your head?”
  6. As you assess your own life thus far, how does it compare to what Paul says in verses 6-8?





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