Grace & Grit: 2nd Timothy 2:22-26
May 17, 2020

Grace & Grit: 2nd Timothy 2:22-26

Passage: 2nd Timothy 2:22-26
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Fight for a Reason

  • Fight the battle within
  • Fights to avoid
  • Reasons to fight


  1. What challenged you or encouraged you from the message today?
  2. How does conflict make you feel? Do you find yourself drawn to conflict or would you rather avoid it?
  3. Give a few examples of how a person can flee sin and pursue righteousness? What does the “fight within” look like in your life?
  4. Does our current culture handle disagreements well? Why do you think that is?  How can we avoid entering into foolish arguments?
  5. What is the ultimate reason to engage in conflict with someone? How does that reason motivate the way we talk to others during conflict?
  6. Is there something that you can do in response to what you heard today? What specifically do you feel God calling you to do in response to his word?

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