Grace & Grit: 2nd Timothy 1:9-18
April 26, 2020

Grace & Grit: 2nd Timothy 1:9-18

Passage: 2nd Timothy 1:8-18
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Grace and Grit

  • Grace: The enabling power and love of God (to believe, grow, and persevere) offered freely and undeserved.
  • Grit: A trait of courage, resilience, perseverance, passion, and character which fuels people to reach an objective.

Finding your “Why”

  • Don’t Be Ashamed – Do the Work
  • The Grace of God and the Big Why
  • Paul’s Example of Grace and Grit
  • When Suffering Hits Home


  1. What challenged you or encouraged you from the message today?
  2. Have you given thought to your “Why”? What motivates you?
  3. Have you ever felt ashamed or scared to share what you believe about Jesus? Why?
  4. How does the gospel motivate followers of Christ to live for Jesus and share the gospel?
  5. In what ways can Paul’s example encourage us to live more fully for Christ?
  6. Have you ever been disappointed or let down by other Christians? How does Paul handle being abandoned by other followers of Christ?

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