Grace & Grit  2nd Timothy 1:1-7
April 19, 2020

Grace & Grit 2nd Timothy 1:1-7

Passage: 2nd Timothy 1:1-7
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Paul reveals his heart to Timothy in his opening remarks:
  •     You need faith!
  •     You need friends!
  •     You need family!
  •     You need fortitude!


  1. Did the Holy Spirit speak to you about anything today?
  2. How do you describe the promise of life in Jesus Christ in your life? What
    struggles do you have regarding your faith? How can Paul’s words
    encourage you?
  3. What has been the role of friends in your Christian life? How about family?
    What specific things does God bring to mind that might strengthen this area of
    your life?
  4. What are some fears that you are dealing with right now? How can you apply
    the power, the love, and the self-disciple that Paul speaks about to combat
    those fears?

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