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Choosing the Way!
April 14, 2019

Choosing the Way!

Passage: Matthew 7:13-29
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Matthew 7:13-29

In His famous Sermon on the Mount, Jesus teaches us His way of living in the Kingdom.

1. Did the Holy Spirit speak to you about anything today?

2. Read verses 13-14. How are the two ways different? What does it mean to enter through the narrow gate? What does it mean to go on the broad road? If the majority is not right, how can we find the right road? (Jn 14:6)

3. Read verse 15. What is Jesus’ warning? What characterizes a false prophet? Read verse 16-20. How can false prophets be recognized? What does this mean? What is the only thing to do with a bad tree?  How can you identify false teaching?

4. Read verses 21-23. What do false disciples have in common with real disciples?  What is the difference? How is it that those who know the Bible well and engage in many good activities can fail to enter the kingdom? What is the will of the Father? (Mt 6:10; 26:39; Jn 17:3,4) What does “I never knew you” mean?

5. Read verses 24-27. What do the wise man and the foolish man have in common? How are they different? What happens to the two houses when the rains and floods come? What do the rains and floods represent in our lives?  Can you recognize a time when you built on the sand?

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