February 10, 2019


Passage: Matthew 5:20-27
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Bible Text: Matthew 5:20-27 | Preacher: Gary Glover | Series: The Teaching on the Hill | Matthew 5:20-27

In His famous Sermon on the Mount, Jesus teaches us His way of living in the Kingdom.

Did the Holy Spirit speak to you about anything today?
When you’re angry, do you tend to verbally attack and dump your emotions on others or do you tend stuff your emotions and emotionally withdraw from others? Why do you think you choose that way of handling your anger; how did you learn to deal with anger that way? What might be a more redemptive way (Jesus’ way) to deal with your anger?
Read James 4:1-3. According to James, what’s going on inside our hearts and minds when we’re angry; what’s at the root of our anger? What does your anger reveal and clarify about your relationship with God at that moment?
What are two principles (from the two stories Jesus told) that demonstrate to us how we should deal with anger?
Describe the downward spiral of anger that we can see in this passage? Have you seen that in your own life?
How is your relationship with people directly tied to your relationship to God? Can you cite scriptures that verify that?


Read ahead in next week’s text:  Matthew 5:28-37


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