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GCC is seeking a qualified Associate Pastor to join our ministry team and support the Church in reaching our community.


Executive Summary of job description: 

The role of the associate pastor is three-fold: first, to provide leadership, guidance, and training, and to foster the growth of younger families and younger adults; secondly, to become part of the teaching team in the area of leading small groups, biblical and discipleship growth classes, and preaching during primary worship times; thirdly, to lead and strengthen the outreach of our church, especially in the local neighborhoods. This pastor will partner with the senior pastor in a leadership role with succession as a goal.


List of Application Materials required:

  • Resume´
  • Cover Letter
    • Specifically address each item in the preferred qualifications section of the job description (links below)
    • Address fit with the "Who is Grace?" and "Culture at Grace" documents (links below)
  • References
    • Current or former supervisor
    • Person under your teaching/shepherding
    • Personal/Character reference
  • Sermon Sample (written or audio) -if available
    • send written samples via e-mail
    • send audio examples via e-mail or direct link


Reference materials for applicants

To apply, send a full packet of application materials to:

For full consideration, applications must be received by Nov 15th, 2019