Palm Sunday and Holy Week Lessons and Activities

Today we celebrate Palm Sunday and prepare for Holy week leading up to Jesus' Resurrection.  Use the ideas below to aid you in gathering as a family to worship our perfect King. 

I have been reminded this week of how, after Jesus' death, the disciples gathered together and locked the door behind them in fear.  Jesus came to them there in that locked room.  We too are hidden away in our homes, unable to gather together as a church.  This week as we reflect on the events of Jesus' last week and His payment for us on the cross, may our hearts be refreshed, our courage be awakened, our peace be deepened, and our relationships with those under our roof be strengthened in our faith. 

May we make the most of this opportunity awarded us to lead our children in worship. Whatever you decide to to, remember it doesn't have to be elaborate-use what you have is always my motto! What means the most is simply you and your children spending time together learning about and worshiping our King of Kings!  The ideas given are not intended to overwhelm-take what is helpful and leave what isn't. 

Allow the changes in our routine to drive you to the One whose kingdom cannot be shaken, and to whom Worship is not dependent on anything but hearts bent towards Him.

To prepare for our virtual gathering on Friday:

  • juice/wine and crackers/bread for celebrating communion.
  • a few candles (probably 3) or flashlights or lamps.

Scripture for Palm Sunday:

Matthew 21, Mark 11, Luke 19: 28-48, John 12

Scripture for Holy Week:

Matthew 26-28, Mark 14-16, Luke 23, John 13-21


Videos illustrating both Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday.  Incorporate these into your week as seems appropriate!

Memorize Each month's Bible Verse and Big Picture Question!

This verse and question will be for the whole month of April!

Rejoice always, pray constantly, give thanks in everything; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thess 5:16-18

Big Picture Question:

Why do we Pray?

(click box for the answer)

We pray because we trust God, and we know He hears us.

Jesus in our Grace Airways lessons

Every Single week we help our kids see Jesus in the story.  This week is all about Jesus so He's hard to miss, but the review below can help you tie Holy Week into all the children have studied so far this year!

This year we have been studying the Nation of Israel. Beginning in September with Into the Promised Land - we learned all about Joshua leading the people to take the land and the time of the judges.  We saw how Israel was always in a cycle of: sin, punishment, crying out to God, Judges sent and the people repent, a time of peace, and then sin again.  Next was A Kingdom Provided where we learned all about King David and Solomon.  Finally, we have just finished up with A Nation Divided where we saw how Solomon's sin caused the nation of Israel to be divided into 2 separate kingdoms, North and South. King after king led the people into deep sin, eventually causing both the Northern and Southern kingdoms to lose their land and go into exile. 

We have seen week after week after week that the people of Israel needed a better leader, judge, and king. 

Throughout the Old Testament, God reminded His people through the prophets of His promise to one day send a Rescuer. People cannot save themselves; instead, God planned to save sinners by sending His Son. God revealed that He would come from the family of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; and He would bless the nations. (Gen. 12:3; 17:19; 28:14) He would come from David’s family, and His kingdom would last forever. (2 Sam. 7:12-13)

We left off with God’s people in exile.  After Easter we will learn about A People Restored- their return to the land. We see how The Old Testament whispers, “He’s coming … He’s coming … He’s coming …” and the declaration of the Gospels is, “He’s here!”  This week, remind your children; we have such cause for celebration in the fact that Jesus came!  He is our Perfect leader.  Our perfect judge.  He is our perfect King!

A Simple Palm Sunday!

A Simple Palm Sunday:

Have your children color and cut out palm branches. Or clip some branches from one of your trees.

Watch the video or read the story from Luke 19:28-44; John 12:12-19.

Story Points:

  • Jesus and His friends traveled to Jerusalem for Passover.
  • People welcomed Jesus as their King.
  • Jesus rode on a donkey, and the people shouted, “Hosanna.”
  • The religious leaders did not like the people praising Jesus.

Talk about it:

  • What kind of King did the people expect Jesus to be?
  • What kind of King is Jesus?

For older kids:

    • Why had many Israelites traveled to Jerusalem? (to celebrate Passover, John 12:12)
    • How many disciples did Jesus send into a village ahead of them? (two, Matt. 21:1)
    • What did the disciples find in the village? (a young donkey, Mark 11:2)
    • What did people spread on the road in front of Jesus? (their robes and palm branches, Mark 11:8)
    • What word did the people say that means “save now”? (hosanna, Mark 11:9-10)
    • Who asked Jesus to quiet the disciples? (the religious leaders, Luke 19:39)
    • Jesus said if the disciples were quiet, what would praise Him? (the rocks, Luke 19:40)

Have a dance party waving your 'palm branches' in the air!

Holy Week Activities!

Holy Week:

A Week With Jesus Book   Print ahead of time to work on with your children throughout the week.

Easter Around the World  Join Kate and Mack from Wycliff Kids learning how people celebrate Easter all over the world.  

Easter Countdown:  Join Kate and Mack in counting down the days till Easter. Includes Bible lessons and fun activities. 


Read about the Last Supper.  Do a family foot soak or wash each other's feet. 

A Simple Family Passover Dinner  (Lamb isn't essential to make the evening meaningful.)   


Join us for our live stream Good Friday Service at 7pm.  Gather....

Torn Paper Cross   A Good Friday Activity.  Smaller children, you could have them watch you make it while sharing the crucifixion story.  Older children could make it themselves.


Join us at 10am for our live stream celebration!

Easter Story Bible Verse Scavenger Hunt

Easter Story Trivia   Use these to see how well your family knows the Easter story! Make a game of it and have fun!

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