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Today's Message

November 29, 2020

Jesus. the Eternal!
John 1:1-3

Pastor Gary Glover

Who is Jesus Christ?
This is Jesus, the reason and authority for life!
This is Jesus, the essence of God!
This is Jesus, the meaning of relationship!

1. Did the Holy Spirit speak to you about anything today?
2. In verse 1, John introduces us to the “Word.” What do you think of when you think of
words? How important are words, not just in our culture, but in every culture?
3. Why does John choose to use the word “Word” in reference to Jesus? Read Hebrews
1:1-2. In what way is Jesus the ultimate word of God to man?
4. What three truths does John tell us about the Word [Jesus] in verse 1? How does this
verse address the pre-existence of Jesus? Is Jesus a created being? Read Colossians
1:15-20. How does this verse speak to Jesus’ co- existence with God? How does this
verse speak to Jesus’ equality with God? What did Jesus say about his equality with
God during his ministry on earth? Read John 8:58-59, 10:30-31, & 38-39. How did
the Jews respond when Jesus made this claim for himself?
5. Why would some people and some religious groups want to incorrectly translate
verse 1 into “a god”? How would that mis-translation affect our salvation?
6. What was Jesus’ role in creation? How does this verse address the relationship that
God and Jesus had in the creation process? Read Genesis 1:26. When we think of
creation, we think of the words that God spoke. How does this statement about the
Word, Jesus, being involved in creation help you understand and appreciate the
creation account?